Millions of animals live on the streets of most of the countries. Most street animals are abandoned pets. Street animals are not much aggressive and will only bite if provoked. Indeed, many are fearful of humans and at the same time, many humans are also fearful about animals. So its very important to provide home for street  animals. Thereby securing both animals and humans.

My mission is to have a  better world through kindness to animals. Working together with other animal rescue groups, are able to save many more lives than they could in isolation. 

“Lets make a peaceful world for animals too.”

Unfortunately, fear and ignorance have led many people to see street animals as a nuisance and they eradicate them by poisoning, beating to death etc. So providing a habitat for those animals is the best solution. 

Some ways to help animals around you :

  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  • Rescue mistreated animals
  •  Promote licensing of animals
  • Encouraging adoption
  • Go vegan
  • Use cruelty-free products
  • Never go to zoo, circus etc that uses animals
  • Keep a bowl of water and feed birds