NY Bae Lipstick, Creamy Matte, Purple – Saturday Live Night 2

NY Bae Lipstick, Creamy Matte, Purple – Saturday Live Night 2

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NY Bae Lipstick is built to gratify the lip craze that you’ve been desiring. Enchantment of that New York diva on your lips. Mesmerize through the day and sparkle through the night. A classic lifestyle that will make you want more of those flashy lips. Plushy, stylish lips is the Magic that this Bae from NY creates! 

Off in the wildest parts of America, in the extremely harsh and dry weather conditions, grows a few feet tall stem like wild and supremely exotic plant, Candelilla. After processing multiple pounds of this wild-ling, few pounds of the most useful substance to ever be extracted from wild plants on the great island of America, Candelilla Wax, is used to make sure that these Matte NY Bae lippies maintain the moisture on your lips whilst gliding smoothly on your lips. Every pearl sourced, every colour created, every oil added, is deeply rooted to reflect the spirit of the fashion capital of the world.


  • Toxicity Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Matte Finish
  • Transfer Resistant,
  • Water Resistant
  • Fuller Lips
  • Consistent Shade
  • Intense Pigmentation
  • High Color Payoff
  • Made in India


₹ 125


4.2 g

Shelf Life

Not mentioned

Active Ingredients

Vitamin E

How to use

First exfoliate your lips. Apply it to your bottom lip first, pressing your lips together and then filling in your Cupid’s bow.

My Experience

I love the shade, but I felt so drying. Its not transferproof. I didn’t like the odour of this lipstick. I won’t repurchase this product.

I won't recommend...


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